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AdvantageHR Overview

To compete effectively, companies need to align all their corporate resources, including employees, with business objectives. There is also a critical need to transform traditional human resource (HR) functions into a comprehensive programme for human capital management (HCM).

With AdvantageHR, you can maximize the value of your most important asset – your employees – synchronising their skills, activities and incentives with business objectives and strategies. Consoft HR Advantage also provides the tools to manage, measure and reward individual and team contributions.

By leveraging integrated HCM tools, you will gain insight and control over your workforce who may be in disparate locations. The application enables you to recruit the best candidates, align their efforts with corporate objectives, develop and maximize their talent; upscale the impact of training interventions and retain only the best achievers.

The AdvantageHR Web Solution provides an integrated enterprise-wide functionality that:

  • Automates HCM processes and seamlessly integrates them across global operations
  • Provides real-time information access that accelerates workforce decision-making
  • Allows you to assign the right people to the right projects at the right time
  • Supports both employees and managers throughout the employee life cycle
  • AdvantageHR integrates payroll functions, regulatory and statutory requirements for a number of territories in the Caribbean region. The application is easily interfaced with existing business systems but can nonetheless, with our favourable price levels, be customized to meet additional specific requirements a client may have.

Personnel Information including:

  • Maintain previous and current employment data
  • Maintain data on educational background, training, skills, etc
  • Maintain employees’ benefits and coverage
  • Maintain dependents’ data
  • Maintain employees’ performance data
  • Categorize employees by groups
  • Record employment type
  • Transfer of employee from one type of employment to another
  • Attach entitlement to positions
  • Establish groups of employees
  • Generate memos or letters when a predefined event occurs
  • Generate standard letters
  • Leave, Attendance and Punctuality Module
  • Generate manpower levels reports
  • Skills and Training Module
  • Medical Information Module
  • Pension Module
  • Maintain pension scheme data
  • Uniforms
  • Loan Module
  • Print reports for entire Company, Subsidiary or Branch
  • Payroll History
  • Gives severance payment details for the entire company, subsidiary or a branch
  • Departure Module (prompt with rehire; loan outstanding; leave status)
  • Calculates Pay in lieu of vacation leave
  • Motor Vehicle Module
  • Industrial Relations Module
  • Salary Compensation Module

Additional Key Features:

  • Employee Document Management Module
  • Employee Recruitment and Selection Module
  • Employee Safety Module
  • Disciplinary Module
  • Grievance Module
  • Comprehensive User Security and User Access Module
  • Data Custom Field Module

REPORTS, including:

  • Audit Trail
  • Employee’s Profile (Detailed)
  • Entitlement Register
  • Action Lists
    • long service
    • employment
    • salary increase, etc;
  • Vacant position listing
  • Retirement Schedule
  • Manpower Report
  • Leave Schedule
  • Reminder Notice for upcoming leave
  • Customized Reprimand Letters
  • Absences
  • Lateness, etc;
  • Attendance Report
  • Further Action listing
  • Training Roster
  • Skills Deficiency listing
  • Training Cost Report