Client Requirements

  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or equivalent browser.

    Server Requirements

  • TurboPay WorkForce can be installed on any network or web server with the following requirements.

NOTE: You can avoid all of the following server requirements by hosting your TurboPay WorkForce application on our secure servers. See "Hosting" for additional details.

  • Operating System: You must be running a Windows server operating system (such as Windows 2003 Server).
  • Internet Information Server: IIS is an optional component in non-server operating systems (such as Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional and so on) and must be installed and running on the computer that will be hosting the software.
  • Database: TurboPay WorkForce uses a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database. However, SQL Server is not required to use this software. SQL Server 2005 Express is available FREE and available by download from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft® .Net framework: The .NET Framework version 3.5 is a component of the Microsoft Windows® operating system used to build and run Windows-based applications. This component is supplied free with this application or it can be downloaded from Microsoft.