Learning Management Software.

TurboPay Workforce Learning Management module allows managers to offer competency requirement training and track the progress of employees throughout the training lifecycle. Developed from years of corporate training expertise, this module centralizes student enrollment management and reporting in a convenient employee-accessible portal.

Business Impact:

  • Increase employee effectiveness and productivity.
  • Address skill and competency deficiencies.
  • Reduce administrative costs of learning initiatives.
  • Improve communication between program participants and administrators.
  • Eliminate paper

Key Features:

  • Centralized Information

    Employees can login and view personalized class lists, scheduled training events, training results, skill achievements and enroll in available training classes. Instructors (internal and external) can access the system to provide class descriptions, schedule training classes, list course materials, review employee class rosters, grade and communicate with employees via email. Administrators can centrally manage all setup, configuration and functions.

  • Customized Competency Development

    Class lists can be tailored to each employee, allowing administrators to associate specific competencies to job positions and assign training classes to satisfy specific competencies.

  • Automatic Notifications

    Configuration allows for email notification to be sent to employee, instructor and or supervisor upon enrollment in class.

  • Robust Reporting

    Report on employee progress, course requirements, class schedules, class resources, training costs per employee, employee competency training to date and more.