• Avoid the need for a web server and/or a customized web site. Simply add a link from your existing web site to your data access page on our server. If you do not have an existing web site, simply refer your clients to the URL (address) of your data access page

  • Avoid the cost of the server-side components. No need to install, maintain or update Microsoft SQL Server, IIS or any other server components to your web site. We provide all the necessary software.

  • Reliable: Our network is protected against the unlikely occurrence of complete power failure by 80-minute backup batteries (against an industry standard of 20 minutes). We also have a 750-kilowatt diesel generator - more than enough capacity to handle any potential power emergency.

  • Secure: To guard against line failure or intrusion, the data center is staffed 24 hours a day and monitored by a comprehensive security system incorporating biometric hand-scanning for strict access control. No public access is permitted under any circumstances. The data center includes 24-hour HVAC with redundant chillers to maintain an optimal computer server environment. We provide diverse data cabling paths to the server racks, and all servers receive conditioned power and 24-hour individual monitoring. All servers in our data center are placed on Cisco Enterprise switches running HSRP (hot failover) to ensure that information is transmitted to and from your server in the fastest way possible. Additionally, connecting your web server to a switch is significantly more secure than connecting it to a hub because other users on a switch cannot "sniff" your packets, whereas they can on a hub. It's far more cost-effective and secure to house your web servers with us than to try and build a Telco-class facility of your own.