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TurboPay is a Microsoft web native payroll system that makes processing your payroll fast, efficient and accurate because you access it via a web browser, you enter and maintain your data, and process your payroll from anywhere you can have access to the internet.
Payroll is a time consuming and critical process. Finally! A web native payroll solution for middle market companies that saves precious time, money and is intuitive to use.
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TurboPay is designed for middle market companies like yours. Our clients have been able to achieve these goals:
  • Eliminate the time consuming process associated with older payroll products.
  • Electronic tax payments and form filing for statutory deductions.
  • Prints checks or use Direct Deposit feature included in the system.
  • Handled salaried, hourly, piece work or job costing calculations easily.
  • Defined unlimited income and deduction types and structure deferred compensation quickly and easily.
  • Process selected employee groups so handling complex payrolls is simple and straight forward.
  • Batch or manual entry of payroll information.
  • User and group security ensures proper access to critical information.
TurboPay provides you with the capability to enter, to maintain, to process and to report on crucial payroll information.
Imagine a world where you are free to analyze information and not have to worry about the administration functions that are inherent in manual or cumbersome payroll systems.
Your time will be spent providing management with strategic business information that will help them achieve the future success of your organization.
TurboPay is integrated to the powerful Crystal Reports System so that you can produce compelling reports for payroll and workforce analytics.
TurboPay includes a powerful tax compliance calculation engine that assures accurate results every single payroll. TurboPay payroll provides you with the capability to electronically file and pay employees, companies and other organizations.
TurboPay is available as a standalone application or can be integrated to the world class Human Resource Information System, TurboPay HR. With TurboPay HR, your capabilities are multiplied by providing a completely integrated work force Management System.
With TurboPay payroll, the system performs all of the routine tasks and stores your information in a single data base that can be shared with other departments and applications. TurboPay helps make your world a more perfect world.
This Web-based payroll system is a valuable option for many organizations that are looking for a centralized, integrated cost effective solution. Through a centralized pltform, employees at each level can easily access vital information deleting an expensive and environmentally unfriendly paper trail.

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